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Stop scrolling.  Why are you here?
Does being a business owner feel the way you dreamt it would?
Or does it feel more like this?

You're lacking accountability

You’re not sure what to prioritise next

You’re struggling to stay motivated

You’re feeling overwhelmed

You’re feeling alone in your role

You're feeling afraid

You're struggling with all the stress

You're exhausted

You're doubting yourself

You're over the naysayers

If any of those hit a nerve,

you need WCBE

Unlock your potential as a business owner with the WCBE toolkit.

We build businesses that consistently deliver long-term sustainable results through better systems, processes and people.


Our experienced coaches are here to lead you along the tried-and-true path to successful business ownership.  Tailored programs and actionable steps for business growth. 


We hold you accountable for delivering on your commitments and ensuring your success.

Leadership Development

Elevate your leadership skills and foster a positive workplace culture.  Build stronger teams, improve communication, and boost employee engagement and retention

Tools, Resources & Training

Access exclusive templates, guides, resources, and books to educate yourself, streamline your processes, and learn from the mistakes and insights of fellow entrepreneurs who share similar experiences.

Structure & Community Support

Elevate your business with structured weekly, monthly, and annual goal-setting and priority sessions, ensuring unwavering focus. Get advice & support from other business owners who understand your journey.

Systems, Processes & Metrics

Optimize productivity to enhance your business asset. Maximize output, upgrade financial practices, and establish a robust foundation. Know your KPIs for proactive decision-making.

What Clients Say About Us

“In a non-judgemental and non-confrontational way, Chris got us to refocus on a lot of things we had been doing by rote. We were able to justify, improve and change the way we did things, for the better. The best thing Chris did was not present a 'know it all' attitude and he took the time to hear our story and our needs. There was a level of trust that we certainly have never developed with any non-director. I'd 10/10 recommend him to others!”

Ian Carson
Ian Carson, Business Owner

“Chris is a supportive and dynamic coach. His energy, intellect and optimism shine through in formal and informal relationships. He takes genuine interest in other people's development, offering insight and clarity that one rarely achieves by themselves. I recommend Chris as a Coach for individuals, teams or business. His authentic curiosity and passion for developing others delivers results.”

ellie leading teams final
Ellie Pietsch, Transformation Specialist

"Chris brings his foresight and wealth of business experience to coaching. This rich foundation in advising and coaching lifts the game of both businesses and executives. He shared his lateral thinking, strategic and problem-solving skills in our coaching sessions, to see things from a fresh perspective and re-engage my personal power."

hayley morris round
Hayley Morris, Technology Risk Leader

"Over the past few months Chris has been coaching our building company. When everything felt like it was going wrong Chris was a calm and steady presence guiding us. He has great ideas that we have built on and personalised. It has given me a new insight into the workings of our company and I’m excited to reach our goals. I would highly recommend Chris as a Business Coach."

Anne Grantham, Business Owner

Need Help In Your Business?

What Is Business Coaching?

A business coach such as Chris Whelan, with extensive experience in owning and managing businesses, guides you in setting and achieving your goals, while ensuring accountability. They will refine your understanding and implementation of business systems tailored for your company. Whether you aim to grow, sustain, or sell your business, or transition it within your family, a business coach supports you across all areas, including HR, finances, training, planning, sales, marketing, and reporting, driving success at every turn.

Are you...

  • Generating less cash than you’d like, despite being busy and having plenty of work?
  • Struggling to find or retain good staff?
  • Looking for fast and effective improvements in your business?
  • Working all the time, with little or no time for family or personal interests?
  • Good at the 'technical stuff', but struggle with the financial side of the business?
  • Hitting hurdles and you need help getting over then?
  • Struggling to plan for the future?

If you said 'Yes' to any of those questions, then there is a very good chance a business coach can help your business become (even more) succesful.

You Want A Coach. What Next?

It is simple - book a complimentary Strategy Consultation. Right from the very first phone call, we'll be learning about your business and how we can help you. It is not a sales call and is 100% focused on understanding more about your business' full potential, confirming opportunities in your business and making sure there is a good return on investment for you.  You will leave the meeting with good ideas to help improve your business.