Achievement is the reward for consistency

To be successful, we must try to do our best daily. If we get the daily tasks and goals right, the weekly takes care of itself. In the same way, once the weeklies are humming, the monthly, quarterly and annual stuff slots in.

Here’s what I know. It doesn't happen overnight, you must be determined and patient during this process. To achieve means we've done what was expected, or more. It is a sign of success and likely something everyone aspires to. Whether in business, or school or public service, being able to achieve our goals and pursuing them daily provides us with meaningful occupation and purpose in or lives.

If there is something you want to achieve, let me encourage you with this: put that thing before you, write it up and make it visible. Then start moving towards it and keep on stepping, every day. By consistent, dedicated effort you'll get there.

Stay strong!

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