Be on our ‘A’ game for whatever lies ahead

Right now, what is absolutely clear is that we all need to be on our “A” game. We have seen the world changing dramatically, and to make sure our businesses can survive and thrive, we have a nine-step game plan.  If you missed it, read November and December’s articles to get the first four steps.

Nothing changes unless we change. So, to keep learning and growing, here are the final five steps to getting ahead and giving yourself the best chance to fly.

Products and service delivery

You might have to change the products and services you offer and how you deliver those. Consistency and quality of delivery to the customer is vital. Measure success by how many of your current customers you keep, because repeat customers are the most profitable. Starting over with no customer base is exponentially harder.

  • How will you communicate any new product or service, or changes to delivery?
  • Who needs to be informed about your company's changes and new demands?
  • Consider renegotiating terms and contracts to meet the current situation.

Workforce reallocations, working environment and workplace safety

How well your team performs is often the difference between a successful business and a failing business. People are your company’s biggest asset. Your job is to ensure they are performing at peak. During a crisis, you have to shift your team’s mindset from Fear to Focus.

New standards and procedures must be put in place, so your team raises its game. Keep reinforcing the new standards, so everyone knows what new levels to meet and is held accountable.

How can you reallocate current team members into new tasks, activities and responsibilities? This might be a matter of team members having a new mix of tasks, mixing old roles with new ones.

Make sure you outline new activities and job responsibilities as needed and keep continuous communication with your team members to ensure they have full visibility on how the company is changing and adapting.

New opportunities or product offerings to meet new demands

You have to have answers to the following questions to evaluate how much opportunity lies ahead.

  • How big is the market?
  • What is your share of the marketplace?
  • How much do you dominate in your area?

If there is room at any level or if you can expand past the boundaries you have been operating within, then you have the opportunity to grow. Challenge your team to bring growth ideas to the table every week. This will focus them on finding ways to improve systems and processes to achieve business goals and objectives. Gamify it, with prizes and incentives for the best ideas – and reward the winners handsomely!

Resources, education and training

What skills, processes and systems training must be developed and implemented to meet the new normal conditions? What will employees need to learn to meet the needs of the new marketplace demands?

If you don’t already have individual employee development plans, now is the time to implement them. These plans help reduce uncertainty, chart paths of success and growth and ensure your employees are focused and optimally communicated with. Employee development plans can include:

  • DISC profiles (ask me if you want these done)
  • Learning style profiles (ditto)
  • Education and career plans.

Metrics and Measures of Success

Measure results. More than ever, you have to find out what is effective and what isn’t. Without metrics and an understanding of your key performance indicators (KPIs) you can’t manage well.  Know your numbers, because marketing is maths . . . here are some areas you might need to change:

  • What adjustments must be made to the KPIs of the business, departments and team members?
  • What are the new minimum requirements and standards for each KPI?
  • How will you measure activities (daily, weekly monthly)?
  • What are the expected outcomes of new activities, what are the expected results?

You’ve got this!

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