The Future is Now: Master the Art of Anticipating Change! – Learn from a futurist how to embrace uncertainty and turn it into opportunity over the next year and a half.

What is Your ‘Inner Futurist’ Telling You About the Next 12-18 Months?


As a society, we stand at the cusp of the future, peering into the vast unknown that stretches out before us. It’s a place that holds as much promise as it does uncertainty, and it’s only natural to wonder what the next 12 to 18 months have in store for us. As someone deeply immersed in the study of future trends and their implications, I’m often asked to share my insights on what lies ahead.


My approach to forecasting the future isn’t rooted in crystal balls; it’s grounded in the rigorous analysis of Global Mega-Trends and the rippling effects they have across the globe, all the way to our doorsteps here in New Zealand. These trends encompass a myriad of factors, from the intricacies of supply chain disruptions to the evolving dynamics of demographics and the ever-expanding reach of globalization.


But let’s bring the conversation home. When pondering the future, the question I find most compelling is not just ‘What will happen?’ but ‘How will it affect us, and how can we best prepare for it?’ This is where the real magic happens.


Starting with the end in mind allows us to reverse-engineer our path to success. By asking probing questions and playing out various scenarios, we’re not just passively waiting for the future to unfold; we’re actively engaging with it. What if this trend accelerates? What if that policy changes? What if an unforeseen event disrupts the status quo? By contemplating these possibilities, we equip ourselves to not only withstand external shocks but to navigate them with grace and agility.


It’s not about succumbing to anxiety or fear. Far from it. It’s about adopting a stance of calm, rational, and dispassionate inquiry. This mindset doesn’t just prepare us for the inevitable bumps along the road; it positions us to proactively shape our destiny.


As we look ahead, let’s embrace our ‘inner futurist.’ Let’s be curious, let’s be strategic, and above all, let’s be prepared. The future is a canvas waiting for our brushstrokes—let’s paint a picture that reflects our highest aspirations and our boldest dreams.


Remember, the best way to predict the future is to create it. So as we stand on the brink of tomorrow, let’s ask ourselves not just what the future holds, but what we can hold for the future.


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