Leadership Lesson – Heart!

Love with all your heart. Lead with all your heart. Give with all your heart. It is a beautiful thing that cannot be touched, but rather felt with all of your heart (John C. Maxwell)

Entrepreneurs and business owners we speak to have been saying they’ve battled to find good staff. In a recruitment discussion with my business coaching team earlier today we concluded that people want more than a job. They want meaning and purpose and here is what I know: The heart connection we make with people massively exceeds the ‘head connection’.

Our ‘heart’ determines who we are, what we say and ultimately symbolises the sort of culture we as leaders want to create. From small- and medium-sized businesses right through to coaching corporate CEOs, when we talk about values, the visual expression we use is the heart.  It reminds us that values go to the core, to the deepest part of us and without them we’d be an empty shell.

So, when it comes to recruiting great people and building winning teams, if you want your organisation to flourish, don’t be afraid to let a little of your heart show through. The tone you set at the top shows people what sort or team they’ll be joining.

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